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Keyword Research in SEO: Rank your website on first page



Keyword Research, Short-tail keywords, Long-tail keywords, Keyword Research Tool: Everything about Keywords.

The vast world of the Internet is packed with innumerable contents, which has many types of pieces of information, news, photos, videos, different types of data etc. When we are searching for something special, then we type one or more words related to it on our computer’s search bar. These words are called keywords. If a person types a word on the search bar, he finds a list of websites related to his search.
Actually, these are the keywords that bring us to the vast reservoir of the internet by searching the thing desired by us. The key word is very important in the world of the Internet.

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO:

A keyword is of great importance for SEO.
If you have started a new website then you must definitely get all the information about the keyword. For the success of the website, continual improvement in his page rank is important.
The keyword is one of the most important factors needed to improve website rank.

Keyword Research in SEO: Rank your website on first page


How does the keyword research improve the web site’s page rank?

Generally, people upload content to their website but they do not focus on the appropriate keywords, so their content does not reach the audience.
We can understand this through an example. Suppose a person opens a new hotel at a distance from the main road in a city but does not develop connecting roads from the main road to the hotel, in most cases, people do not know about the hotel, so they do not go there.
Similarly, the keyword works to establish connectivity between your website and visitors. The good keywords bring that website to the people who are looking for that.

The appropriate word can easily increase the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of your website.
Otherwise, in the lack of good keyword, your website can be ignored in the huge crowd of websites. Visitors cannot get there because they do not know about it.
Therefore, when publishing any content on your website, you must enter keywords related to that content.

Types of keywords:

There are two types of words –
1- Short-tail Keywords
2- Long-tail keywords

Short-tail Keywords:

Keyword Research in SEO: Rank your website on first page
Short-tail keywords are the keywords created with the single word. For example, “Pixel 3“.
These types of keywords are non-specific types that cover a large segment of the audience. These keywords are very competitive because they are usually used by many websites, so it takes a lot of time to get page ranking.
These are also called head tail keywords or fat head keywords.

Long-tail keywords:

Keyword Research in SEO: Rank your website on first page
These types of keywords consist of two or more words. It can also be in the form of a phrase or sentence. For example, “price of Google Pixel 3 in the USA”.

Keywords of this type are specific so they cover the targeted segment of the audience. In the case of long-tail keywords, it may be that visitors’ traffic is coming down but it is a quality traffic because this traffic is the only people who are really interested in the content. Long-tail words usually take less time to improve page ranking than short-tail keywords.

Keyword Research Tool:
There are several Keyword Research tools available in the market that can help you choose the best keywords.

Here is a list of some of the keyword tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • MOZ
  • SEMrush
  • Keyword Tool

The above-mentioned tools are paid tools. Besides these, there are many free tools available in the market. You can use these tools also.

Free Keyword Research Tools.

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Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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1 Comment

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    Hi, yeah this piece of writing is genuinely fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.

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Keyword Difficulty: What is Keyword Difficulty in SEO



In this article, we will learn What is Keyword Difficulty, How to Find Keyword Difficulty in SEO, and Method of choosing the appropriate focus keyword.

When we run a blog or a website, we can have many types of objectives like making money or making fame or something else. But one thing is sure that we want more and more visitors to come to our blog.

For this, we need to write on a topic on which more and more people want to read.
To find out how many people want to read the topic you want to write on, you should check the search volume of that topic.

If you find that the search volume of the topic you have selected is low, it means the people in a large number are not searching for that topic. So there is less chance of such content being ranked.

So you should write on a topic that has a high search volume, which means more people are searching. There are also more chances of such issues being ranked.

What is Keyword Difficulty?

Now come to the topic’s keyword. After selecting the topic, we should search for the targeted keywords. If we use such keywords in our content, which have already been used by other people, then it can put difficulty for the ranking of our content.

Because when a user types any keyword on the search bar, as a result, all the websites that have used the related keyword in their content come on the screen.

That is, in such a situation, our website may be lost in a crowd of websites so it may become difficult for our content to rank. The difficulty arising out of such keywords is called the keyword difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty in SEO

When we write an article on any topic that has previously been written by many blogs, and we use the same keywords which have been used in other blogs, then such keywords generate difficulty in the SEO.

Therefore, avoid using such keywords which are very common because they can cause difficulty in the ranking of our content.

It is very necessary for the SEO to check the keyword difficulty while choosing the keywords for our article.

How to know about keyword difficulty:

Nowadays, many tools are available that can tell us how much difficulty a keyword is going to face. These tools do the ranking of keywords that are from 1 to 100.

These tools have their metrics for ranking. The higher the ranking of a particular keyword, the more difficult it is for SEO.

Therefore, avoid using such keywords whose ranking is higher.

These tools also suggest the keywords which have a low ranking. Keyword having a low rank means creating less difficulty.

If you choose such a keyword, your content does not have to face difficulty in ranking and it can quickly be picked up.

For knowing the keyword difficulty you can use Keyword Research Tools. Although there are a number of keyword research tools in the market however we suggest 9 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Method of knowing the keyword difficulty:

Let us know the method of choosing the appropriate keyword which has less keyword difficulty in SEO.

Suppose we write an article on Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. Naturally, first of all, we will think to choose the word “Samsung Galaxy S10” as a focus keyword.

But if we check the keyword difficulty of this word we find that the ranking of this word is 42 which is considered as higher. It means this word may create the higher keyword difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty: What is Keyword Difficulty in SEO

Now we consider the alternate keyword. Suppose we choose Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in India“.

Now we check the keyword difficulty of this word. It is 6, which is much lesser in comparison to the previous word’s KD which is 42. Since it is lower in rank so it is less competitive. The possibility of keyword difficulty with this word is low. So we can choose this word as our focus keyword.

Keyword Difficulty: What is Keyword Difficulty in SEO


Here we have discussed the role of keyword difficulty in SEO. While posting content we should choose the appropriate focus keyword which is less competitive.

We have seen the method of checking the keyword difficulty a word can create. We have suggested the tools which can help you in this matter. So choose the appropriate keyword and get your content ranked on the first page.

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Vyom Manikya

Computer Engineer
Passionate about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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How to write a guest post? & Guest Posting Sites



In this article, we’ll learn about the guest post and its benefits for SEO I how to find guest posting sites I how to write a guest post? etc.

How to write a guest post?

What is a guest post?

Guest post is the post which is written by an author on any other person’s blog or website. It develops mutual cooperation between the author and the publisher. It is very useful for the improvement of the SEO of both the parties, the post author as well as the publisher.

What is the benefit from the guest post?

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. – Booker T. Washington Click To Tweet

In the case of a guest post, both parties get the benefit. Also the guest post writer and also the publisher.

First, we see what benefits are there to a post writer?

  • The post writer gets a platform to get his post published.
  • He gets popularity.
  • His post gets authority.
  • With the publisher blogs or websites, his relationships are developed, which are beneficial for him.
  • He gets good quality backlinks from the publisher website, which is very important and beneficial for him.
  • He gets referral traffic from the publisher website.

Now let’s see what benefits the guest post publisher can have?

  • He gets a good readymade article for his blog or website.
  • He gets relations with the article writer.
  • The person writing the article shares his article on social media, which is helpful in increasing the referral traffic of the blog/website that publishes the post.

In this way, we see that both the parties remain in benefit from the guest post.

How is the guest posting is beneficial for SEO?

Guest posting is beneficial for the SEO of both sides. Also for the post writer and the publisher.

Benefits to the SEO of the post writer:

We know that taking a good quality backlink is a very important tool for the SEO of any blog or website. That’s why bloggers and websites are constantly in the effort to learn how to get quality backlinks?
They use different ways for this, one of the important ways is guest posting.
When a person posts his guest article on another person’s blog or website, he can also submit a link to his website at the end of the post. This means that the publisher website has given him a vote of confidence means backlink. In this way, he gets a quality backlink, which is helpful for the improvement of his SEO.

Benefits to the publisher website:

If the post writer shares his post on social media, then the publisher website is also benefited because those visitors who come to read the post can also read other posts published on that website. This improves the Google page rank of the publisher website.
This guest posting is a good tool for the SEO of both the writer and the publisher.

How to write a guest post?

To write a guest post, you should take care of the following.

Select a good topic:

First of all select a topic to write the post. For this, first, research and find out how much the search volume of which topic is. Choose a topic whose search volume is high.

Write on the Related website:

The topic on which you write an article should be published on the blog with the related subject, only when the visitors will be interested in it or otherwise he may leave it unread.
Suppose that you write an article on a health-related topic, but you post it on a car related website. What will happen then? At the time the visitor wants to take car-related information, he will not be interested in health-related issues. He can leave the guest post written by you without reading.
That’s why you should get a guest post published with a related blog or website.

Write quality content:

Content quality is the most important thing, so, first of all, you should be careful how to write quality content?
Your content should be special, unique, user-friendly, SEO friendly and easy to understand.

Write original:

Always write original, do not copy anyone’s post because Google recognizes such things.
If this happens, this can cause a lot of damage to your authority. Also, Google can punish the website on which your post has been published.

How to select sites for posting a guest post?

Often people write guest posts to be popular and to get backlinks, so as far as possible you should choose a website for a guest post that has a good rank. For this first check the website’s domain authority and page authority.
Nowadays, there are tools available that help you to know the value of a website and choose a highly ranked website.

One thing to note here is that many people keep showing the list of such websites on the net, but they often draw the longbow. In fact, such lists are sponsored so their DA and PA are told more than the reality.

So you should check the website’s DA and PA with the help of good tools.

You can also contact us to get a website’s DA / PA. For this, you can comment by going to the comment box. We will give you the exact information on the value of any website.

How to submit a guest post?

  • Select the website to first publish the guest post. Although all websites accept guest posts because they benefit from this, but you should choose a high valued website.
  • After selecting the website, read its terms and conditions.
  • Write a good article according to the website’s policy.
  • After this submit your article to that website.
  • After you submit the post, the website owner can publish it in original or he can get the necessary amendments before the publication.

What to do when you publish someone’s guest post on your website?

Generally, the websites that publish other people’s posts make certain terms and conditions for them, such as on which topic the article should be, how many words should be, etc. Those who post a guest post are also comfortable with it. They write posts according to the terms of the websites and send them to the publication.
If you are willing to publish the other people’s guest posts on your website, then you should also make a policy first for this.

Be careful about the author’s authority:

Before publishing someone’s guest post, you should also check the author’s authority to see if he is not submitting any spam link. Because in that situation, that post can harm your website.

Pro Tip – You can find guest posting sites by using the following tricks

your keyword + “guest post”
your keyword + “write for us”
your keyword + “guest article”
your keyword +“ become an author ”
your keyword inurl: contribute
your keyword intitle: contribute
your keyword + “guest post”+”write for us”

How to write a guest post? & Guest Posting Sites

DA 70+ Guest Posting Sites:

ShoutMeLoud DA 70 Submit Guest Post
Copyblogger.com DA 88 Submit Guest Post
Expert-digital-marketing DA 93 Submit Guest Post
Lets Diskuss DA 92 Submit Guest Post
Search Engine Land DA 91 Submit Guest Post
Daily Blog Tips DA 76 Submit Guest Post
Clutch DA 71 Submit Guest Post
Social Media Today DA 74 Submit Guest Post
Benchmarkemail DA 80 Submit Guest Post
The Meisle DA 78 Submit Guest Post
Labnol DA 79 Submit Guest Post
Social Media Examiner DA 80 Submit Guest Post
Speckyboy DA 71 Submit Guest Post
eHow DA 92 Submit Guest Post
Site Point DA 85 Submit Guest Post
Marketingprofs DA 74 Submit Guest Post
Coschedule DA 70 Submit Guest Post
Webdesignledger DA 70 Submit Guest Post
Pop Sugar DA 91 Submit Guest Post
The Guardian DA 94 Submit Guest Post
blog.hubspot DA 91 Submit Guest Post
eLearning Magazine DA 91 Submit Guest Post
Mashable DA 92 Submit Guest Post
Smashing Magazine DA 91 Submit Guest Post
AllBusiness DA 74 Submit Guest Post


In this article, we have discussed the guest post in detail. We have learned how to write a guest post, the benefits of it for SEO. For your convenience, we have suggested the high-value websites, to which you can send your post for publication.
So choose the appropriate website and get the post published.

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Vyom Manikya

Computer Engineer
Passionate about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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How to write a blog? 11 Tips to Write high quality content



In this article, we will learn How to write a blog? & 11 Tips to Write high-quality content and keyword difficulty.

We take many measures to rank our content, such as keyword research, getting backlinks etc. But for the rank of the content, the most important is the quality of the content itself. If the quality of the content is good then he can rank easily.

Now the question is how to write a blog?

For this, we have to understand that our content is also a product. Any product succeeds only when its users are satisfied with it. The well-known marketing expert Philip Kotler says that your product should have such a quality that the customer should not only be satisfied but be pleased with it.

It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them.
– Philip Kotler

Therefore, the quality of our content should also be of such type that the reader should not only be satisfied by reading it but be delighted. For this, our post should have something special and unique. It should be able to deliver all the information, the reader wants to get.

How to make the content special and unique:

To make your content special and unique, we must pay attention to the following points.

Target a segment:

While writing an article, we should keep a special segment of people in mind. This means that a special segment of people should be our target. A particular group of people or segments is very dedicated to the reading of article of their choice. People of different segments want to read article according to their preference and need.

For example, the people who are interested in politics, they want to read an article on political topics. Similarly, people of the young age group are interested in gadgets, so they want to read on the gadgets. So if you keep a special segment in mind, then you will definitely get the benefit of it.

Select a Topic:

If I suggest you that before writing an article, choose a good topic, then you will ask, whether it is a matter of saying? If someone writes an article, he definitely searches a topic first.

But the reality is that choosing a topic for writing an article is a very important thing. There are many people who write good articles but their articles are not ranked.

Not choosing the right topic may be a reason for it. In fact, while selecting a topic, we should see what the search volume of that topic is?
For example, if you compare the environment and gadgets, you will find that the search for the article written on gadgets is much higher than the environment.

This does not mean that you should write only on gadgets and ignore the environment.
The point to note is that those who want to study on the environment will read on the environment and those who like to read on gadgets will read it on it.

In fact, all kinds of topics go on. But each topic attracts a different segment of readers. Therefore, the search volume of different topics may be different. It may be higher or lower.
If you select a topic to write an article, whose search volume is high, the probability of your articles rank will increase.

How to choose a topic:

Topics can be two types:

  • Trending topics
  • Evergreen topics

Trending topics:

These are the topics which are related to current affairs. These topics are currently very popular, such as politics, new gadgets, entertainment, movie review, fashion, and lifestyle etc. A large number of people search for them on the search engine.

How to write a blog? 11 Tips to Write high quality content

But such topics remain a subject of interest for a few days only. A few days later the new topics replace them.
People come to search for new topics. Their interest in the old ones ends. But in the trending topics the search volume is very high, so they get a large number of viewers, which are beneficial for the content.

Evergreen topics:

These are the topics in which the interest of people never ends. Such as environment, history, tourism, nature, culture, spirituality, health, and fitness etc. These topics are always a subject of interest to people.

Difference between trending and evergreen topics:

The shining of the article, written on the Trending topic, fades away after a few days. Their number of viewers grow at a very fast pace but after a few days, it starts decreasing. But the glow of the evergreen topics never diminishes. The number of their viewers does not grow at all, nor is it very less.

In this way, we can say that trending topics can be good for increasing the number of viewers and there are evergreen topics to keep their place on the page for a long time.

Content should be user-friendly:

Content should be user-friendly. The presentation of the article should be in such a way that the reader should feel that exactly this is the thing that he needs. He should get all the information from the article.

Content should be SEO friendly:

Regardless of how well we write a good article, it is also very important to be SEO Friendly to rank it. Therefore, before posting our article, we should take care of everything that is needed for SEO.
For this, I am giving you the following suggestions. If you work according to these suggestions, then your post will be SEO friendly and it will rank positively.

Clear Message:

The presentation of the content should be in such a way that it may convey a clear message to the reader. If the style of the content is of such type that it remains to fail in delivering a clear message, the reader can be bored with it. He can leave the article without going through it completely.

The language, style, use of exact words, and syntax in the content should be such that it goes down in the reader’s heart directly. The message you want to give to the reader should be clearly conveyed.

Write Trustworthy:

For quality content maintain a standard.
For this, always write reliably. Do not place rumors in your article. Avoid vague writing.
If possible, give the survey, study, etc. done by reliable persons or agencies in support of your point of view. This increases the reliability of the article.

Easy to understand:

The language and style of the content should be very simple so that the reader can easily understand the point.
Some people think that if they use heavy words in the article, then the article will be considered of a high standard. While this thinking might prove harmful because the reader prefers the easily said things. So you should write easy to understand. For this you can follow these suggestions:

  • Use simple words in the content.
  • Explain in detail if needed. Even if it makes the article go longer.
  • Make small sentences as far as possible. Avoid using more than 20 words in a sentence.
    Keep in mind that small sentences tend to have more effect than long sentences.
  • Use the active voice as far as possible. Use passive voice only up to 10% in the whole article. In fact, the effect of the active voice on the reader’s mind is greater than passive.


Make small paragraphs in the article. Also, create a subheading for each paragraph. It is convenient for the reader to understand.
Try to write short paragraphs. Use less than 150 words between two subheadings as far as possible.

Though the article of at least 300 words goes, it does not matter if the article goes long to explain the matter in a clear way. For this, 1500 to 2000 words can also be used. But do not make the content unnecessarily lengthy.

Keywords in Subheadings:

If you divide your article into small paragraphs and create subheadings, the subheadings should be created in such a way that they can work like keywords also.
Your sub-headings can be in the form of questions starting from how to, what is etc.
The highest search queries on any topic are in the form of questions, so if your subheadings are in the form of questions then they will be able to work like keywords too.
But it should also be noted that there should not be more than four or five keywords in an article.

Avoid keyword difficulty:

When choosing keywords for your content, keep in mind the keyword difficulty. Nowadays, many tools are available in the market, with the help of which you can find out the difficulty of getting the keyword ranked that you have chosen. This is called keyword difficulty. In this way, you should avoid keyword difficulty and choose keywords that are easy to rank.

How to write a blog? 11 Tips to Write high quality content

For choosing the easy to rank keywords we should do Keyword Research and diagnose the keyword difficulties with the help of keyword research tools.

For this, you can use the free keyword research tool for 2019.


Even if you write fewer articles but you should maintain the quality and standard of the Articles.
Certainly, the concept of quality control is applied here. The only article ranks that maintain the quality
So if you want to write a quality blog, your content should be factual, reliable, simple, user-friendly and SEO friendly.

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Vyom Manikya

Computer Engineer
Passionate about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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How to get High Quality Backlinks: 7 Effective Tactics



In this article, we will learn about Backlinks, Importance of Backlinks and methods for taking high-quality backlinks as a guest post, social media, web 2.0, directory submission and commenting.

For the improvement of SEO, we have to adopt various methods one of which is to get the Quality Backlinks. So here we will know all about how to get quality Backlinks.

What are backlinks?

We link our website with other websites to increase the number of visitors to our one. Linking our website to other websites is called backlink and the visitors we get from those websites are called link juice. In this way, we get link juice from other websites, which means that the number of visitors to our website increases. This improves the SEO of our website.

To get backlinks, we have to understand the do follow backlink vs nofollow backlinkActually, when we want to take link juice from any website via backlink it depends on the will of the website whether it will allow its visitors to follow our website or not.

If it allows its visitors to follow our website then such backlink is called dofollow backlink. Dofollow Backlinks give benefit to our website. If the website does not want to give us the benefit of its visitors then it can put a nofollow tag with our link. 

In such a situation, the backlink is called nofollow backlink. In the case of nofollow backlink, we get visitors from that website, but we do not have any increase in our visitors’ number from them.

So nofollow backlink gives us no benefit in SEO improvement. 

Here, by default, every link is dofollow backlink until it is made a no-follow backlink.

Types of backlinks:

There are two types of backlinks

1- High-quality backlink.
This type of backlink is the link that we get from a reputed website. Such a link is good for improving our Google page rank.

2- Low-quality backlink.
This is the backlink that we get from spam website. Such a link may be harmful to us.

Importance of backlink:

A backlink is a very important tool for SEO. If we get link juice from a website via backlink, it is deemed as the vote of confidence from that.
If a good website is sending its visitors to our website, then it means that it treats our content as a good one. In such a way Google ranks our page. But for that, we need to create a high-quality backlink because the low-quality backlink may harm our website.

How to get a high-quality backlink?

You can do the following ways to get high-quality backlinks.

How to get High Quality Backlinks: 7 Effective Tactics

Guest Post:

When we write a post on a website as a guest, the post is called guest post.

If you write a guest post on a website it will benefit both you and that website. The website gets a free post and you get a backlink.
Guest post is the best way to get a backlink.

As you know, if you send your link to get visitors from a website, then it is a website’s will that it sends you visitors or put a no-follow tag. But if you write a guest post on a website, then it will not put no follow tag with your link.
In this way, we can say that by writing a guest post on a website, it is sure to get a backlink.

Use Forums like Quora, Google forum, etc:

Websites like Quora, Google forum, Yahoo forum, are also a great source for getting backlinks.
These forums are the platforms where you get a large number of people who ask different types of questions according to their curiosity.

Of course, some of them will have questions related to your posts. If you send your link to the website answering the questions of such people then you will definitely get backlinks from there.

Social Media Sharing:

Social media sharing is an easy way to get backlinks.
When you share your link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram etc, then people click on your link to see it. By doing so, you get backlinks. This is the easiest way to get backlinks.
On social media, you can share your content from your Personal ID, or you can create a business page for it too.

Web 2.0

You can use web 2.0 to get a backlink.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is known as the second generation of the World Wide Web.
Web 2.0 focuses on the ability of people to collaborate and share information on the internet via social media or blogs etc.

Read Also – What is Web 2.0 & Top 10 Verified Web 2.0 Sites List

How to use web 2.0 to get a backlink?

Many people can write their blogs but they do not know how to do other important work related to the website as the making of a website, web designing and SEO etc. There are some websites like blogger.com, wordpress.com, tumblr.com, hubpages.com etc that work for such people.

These websites work on Web 2.0. They give bloggers a subdomain to which bloggers post their content. The rest work is done by websites themselves.

On such a website, you can have a subdomain and post any content on it to which you add a link to the post for which you have to take a backlink. In this way, you will get backlink through Web 2.0.

Web Directories:

There are many web directories on the Internet, in which many websites are listed. If you submit your link to any web directory, then you can get a backlink from that.

Read Also – Web Directories and SEO & Free Web Directories List 2019

Similarly, suppose you submit your link to 50 such directories, then you will get 50 backlinks because Google considers the submission of your website on a web directory as a backlink for you.
Thus by submitting your link to the web directories, you can easily get backlinks.


You can also get backlinks for your content from Youtube. For that, you have to make a video related to your content and load it on youtube. For example, suppose you write a post on ‘dog care’ on your website, then make a video on dog-related topics such as dog training, or dog food etc and then load it on youtube.

In the video description, submit a link to your post. Through this link, your post will get a backlink from youtube.
Creating a video for YouTube can be a hassle but still, YouTube proves to be a good source for linking back.


Backlinks can be taken from other websites by commenting on the contents of others. For this, you can comment on other people’s posts by commenting in the comment box and submit your own link to your post.
This allows you to get backlinks. But in most of the cases there is ‘nofollow‘ tag with such links, so backlinks from there do not help you in page rank.

Apart from this, it often happens that when we submit our comment on any website the admin of that one disapproves our comments, due to which we cannot get a backlink from there.
Overall, it can also be said that backlinks can be found by commenting but this link cannot be called a great way to get back.


How to get high-quality backlinks?

On this topic, you will find many articles on the internet. But in most of the articles, such a technical language is used that it seems to be a very difficult subject.
But creating a high-quality backlink is really very easy. For this, you only have to get backlinks from the good websites. You may get high-quality backlinks from the highly reputed websites.

For this, you will have to adopt the above-mentioned methods.
As always, we want to make it clear once again that backlinks from good websites can be definitely good for your SEO. But the most important thing for your SEO is the quality of your content.

So firstly focus on your content quality and then take the necessary steps to get the high-quality backlinks from quality websites. This will definitely improve the page rank of your content.

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Web Directories and SEO & Free Web Directories List 2019



In this article, we will learn about Web Directories, Free Web Directories List 2019, Web directories and SEO and How to get Quality Backlinks from them.

We adopt many ways for SEO. One of the very important ways is to take a backlink. Several types of methods are also adopted to get backlinks. You can also get quality backlinks by submitting your website to web directories.

What is a web directory?

You must have seen the telephone directory in which many categories are made like doctors, chartered accountants, architects, banks, different offices, etc. In these categories, the telephone numbers of the concerned people are written. This allows the user to find the phone number of the person he is searching for.

Similarly, there are thousands of web directories in Web World. In these directories, the categories and subcategories are created. The websites of the same type are kept in the same category.
A user can search the website of his need in these directories.

Difference between the search engine and web directory:

When we have to find something on the internet, we often search for it by going to a search engine like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo etc. and that search engine keeps looking in front of us as we need it. Similarly, when we have to find a thing in a web directory, we search for it by going into the category and subcategory created on it. There, we get the desired thing.

In this way, the work of search engines and web directories seems almost identical. On both of them, the contents are listed. Therefore, there is often confusion in the search engine and web directory.

But there is a big difference between the two. On the search engine, the contents are automatically listed by the search engine’s program, which is usually known by names such as robots, bots, crawlers or spiders, while in web directories this work is done by humans.
If a person wants to get his website listed on a directory, then he has to submit his website to the directory where he is listed manually.

Web directories and SEO:

Although in today’s time the search engines are very smart and give very good services to the users, in such a way, the directory created by a human has no significance. However, if you are able to register your website in web directories, then your SEO can benefit from this.

When your website is listed on a directory, Google’s bot considers it a vote of confidence means dofollow backlink for your website. Now if your website is listed on 100 directories, it means 100 Dofollow Backlinks for your website.

It is notable that taking backlinks in this way is not true according to Google’s algorithm.
If you get backlinks in a large number like this then Google can also penalize you. Google has developed such programs that keep an eye on this kind of work.

But you can still get high-quality backlinks by submitting your website to some good web directories.
Here also, understand that in the case of backlinks, the number is not of much importance as it is of quality. So it would be better that instead of submitting your website on many directories at the same time, submit it to some reputed directories at a one or two days interval.
By doing so you can get high-quality backlinks which can be beneficial for your SEO.

Free Web Directories 2019:

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Computer Engineer
Passionate about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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"योग: कर्मसु कौशलम्’’- Achieving expertise in our work is the real yoga.
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What is Web 2.0 & Top 10 Verified Web 2.0 Sites List



In this article, we will discuss the nature and the applications of web 2.0, various platforms and verified sites based on it.

What is Web 2.0?

It is known as the next version of WWW or Web 1.0.

In the year 1991, Tim Berners-Lee gave the Internet a new direction by inventing the World Wide Web (www). Web 2.0 is known as WWW’s next generation, so we can also call WWW Web 1.0.

WWW or W3 or Web 1.0 is a tool through which we access the Internet. This is an information system.

We can also call it Central Hub for collecting information. Any person here can upload notifications which other people can read. Initially, users did not get the liberty of interaction on this system. Users could view and read content, but could not become involved in their exchanging process.

However, now this system has been updated. Its updated version gives users the chance to be internally active by commenting on content or sharing it with others. But web 2.0 which is known as the next generation of WWW is more liberal and social.

Web 2.0 is Interactive, Liberal and Social:

Web 2.0 systems give users more Liberty. In this system, users can not only view and read content but can also play an active role in pushing it into it. Users can comment on it, take part in the ongoing debate and share it with other people etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hubpages, WordPress, Blogger etc. are the best examples of Web 2.0 based system.

If you ask, what is Web 2.0? then no one can give a flat answer because there is no definition of it. It can be said about this that it is a system for sending users across the Internet. Until the web 1.0, we used to use the internet as a tool only, while in Web 2.0 we not only use the internet as a tool but we enter inside and became a part of it. Where Web 1.0 is in the static form of a web, Web 2.0 is in dynamic form. Web 2.0 has made the internet more interactive and social.

We have several types of platforms that work on Web 2.0, such as blogs, social media etc. Although these sites work differently, one thing is common in all of these, it is the promotion of social engagement by them.


What is Web 2.0 & Top 10 Verified Web 2.0 Sites List


There are some websites like Tumblr, WordPress that work on Web 2.0. These websites not only provide space for us to write our blog but also provide all services for this.

There are many people who want to write blogs on the internet, but they do not know how to do important things related to them, such as creating websites, web designing, SEO etc.

People wishing to write a blog can write blogs by creating their account on such websites.

In this way, these websites allow many people to stand on the same platform, which is connected to the whole world at the same time. Anyone on their blogs can comment, give feedback, share it with others.

Social Media Networks:

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc provide a platform for society. Here people connect with one another, become mutual friends, and share their knowledge and thoughts with one another. All these networks are based on Web 2.0.


Wikipedia is a very popular informational website where people get information on different topics. People can go to it and, according to their knowledge and thinking, edit the articles written by others.

This is also a way to share their views with other people. In this way, they can actively participate in this platform.

Web 2.0 and SEO:

If you are running a blog or website, Web 2.0 may be useful for you. The websites and apps which are based on Web 2.0 work for mutual engagement of people. If you share your content on Web 2.0 based platforms, you can get Dofollow Backlinks from there. Thus, you can get the benefit of these platforms for the improvement of SEO.


It is said that the internet has made the world a global village if it is correct, then we can say that Web 2.0 has made the world a global platform where people become friends, communicate.

Now if someone asks us what Web 2.0 is, then we can say that Web 2.0 is a version of the Web that has made the Internet easier, functional, interactive, collaborative, social and responsive.

Web 2.0 Sites List:



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Vyom Manikya

Computer Engineer
Passionate about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Inspired by Swami Vivekanand, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

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